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How to choose plug-in terminal blocks

2023-01-13 14:25:59

Terminal selection has always been a hot topic! It is easy to say that when buying terminal models product pictures, you can directly ask the terminal sales staff, but buying terminals is a headache because there are only some product parameters even no parameters. The following introduces the electrical equipment terminal selection strategy!

01. Before choosing the type, you should know what kind of terminal you want?

According to the functions of the terminals, they are classified as follows: ordinary plug-in terminals. Insurance terminals. Test terminals. Ground terminals. Double-layer terminals. Double-layer conduction terminals. Three-layer connection terminals. Three-layer conduction terminals. 1 Input double-out terminals. One-in three-out terminals. Double-in double-out terminals. Knife gate terminals. Overvoltage protection terminals. Marking terminals, etc.;

Classified by current: ordinary terminals (low current terminals). Large current terminals (above 100A above 25MM lines), etc.;

According to the appearance, they are classified as follows: they can be divided into plug-in terminals, screw terminals, fence terminals, spring-type terminals, rail-type terminals, fixed terminals, circuit board terminals. (PCB terminal) etc.

The choice of terminal blocks is nothing more than wire diameter. .Current, wiring direction, application, wiring method, etc. Wire diameter current. The wiring direction generally includes front wiring side exit, which is mainly to facilitate the operation of technicians thereby improve work efficiency. This is a very common question, terminal blocks are used in a wide range of applications. For example, you buy terminal blocks for soldering. On the PCB board, it is impossible to choose the terminal connection method used on the guide rail, generally there is butt connection. .Suspended.Fixed other methods. The basic structure of a universal terminal block consists of an insulating base, an insulating partition, components, an insulating base.

02. What issues need to be considered when selecting a model?

The selection mainly considers the following points:

①Is the wire to be connected a hard wire a soft wire?

②What is the cross-sectional area of the wire in square millimeters? (excluding thread sheath)

③How much current voltage do the terminals need to withstand?

④How many hole connectors should be selected?

Every connector, no matter how many holes, is internally guided. Therefore, we need to connect several wires with several hole connectors. For example, a 4-hole connector can connect up to 4 wires. If only 3 wires need to be connected, then a single hole will suffice. Because each connector is guided internally, live wire cannot be used. .Neutral wire. Plug the same connector into the ground wire, otherwise it will cause a short circuit. So in any case, use a live wire, a neutral wire, a ground wire!

⑤Can the same connector connect wires of different thicknesses?

Currently, the springs of each hole in a terminal connector are independent, so wires with different cross-sectional areas can be used safely reliably as long as they are within the connection range of the connector.

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