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How to ensure the quality of terminal blocks

2020-12-09 14:29:07

    Single-hole separation force test. The single-hole separation force refers to the separation force when the contacts in the mating state change  stationary to movement. It is used to qualitatively analyze whether the pin  the socket are in contact. Test instructions:

    The separation force of a single hole is too small, which may cause the signal to be interrupted when subjected to vibration  impact loads. It is more reasonable to check the reliability of contact by measuring the separation force of a single hole than by measuring the contact resistance.

& nbsp;   Therefore, in addition to new product development, manufacturers need to develop a new generation of soft mating contacts that are stable  reliable.

    Signal interruption.

    Instant interruption test, some terminal blocks are used in dynamic vibration environment. The test confirms whether the contact resistance meets the standard only by testing static data.

    It does  ensure reliable contact in dynamic environments. Because often RF connectors with up to standard contact resistance may still experience a momentary power-off state during vibration, impact  other simulated environmental experiments.

    Therefore, for some terminal blocks with high reliability requirements, dynamic vibration experiments can be carried out to evaluate their contact reliability.

    To prevent poor contact  continuity test, currently, generally terminal block manufacturers do  have any new items in product engineering acceptance tests,  user computers generally need to be tested for continuity after installation. If there is a lack of reliable terminal blocks, it means that there is no reliable automation control. Therefore, in actual work, the management of terminal blocks is very strict,  some measures must be taken to avoid the problem of poor fixation. In order to meet this requirement, the terminal block should be inspected for tolerance fit. The so-called tolerance inspection is a dynamic inspection.



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