Security Industry
Build a safe society enhance urban civilization. Nowadays, surveillance systems are spread all over the streets. Whether it is electronic police, operating stores, even many family courtyards, people have installed surveillance systems for safety...
Household Appliances
In home circuit installations, terminal wires can flexibly connect power supplies electrical equipment while ensuring safety reliability. For example, it is used for safety sockets, switches, lamps, etc., to connect electrical equipment with low...
Ship terminal blocks are used to facilitate the connection of wires. It is actually a piece of metal sealed in insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends for inserting wires, screws for tightening loosening, such as two wires...
Electrical Industry
In order to provide power to these devices, a component is required to connect the electrical energy, terminal blocks are used to connect the power supply to the device. Of course, terminal blocks are components that can only provide power to...
Distribution Cabinet Distribution Box
Home appliance complete equipment factory, power engineering protection, power generation control complete equipment, power control box other control integrated systems have control components such as boxes, power switches, fuses, meters...
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    Zhejiang Lianxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a terminal manufacturer integrating research, development,  production  sales. It mainly produces all kinds of terminals. there are many types of plug-in terminals, fence  terminals, screw terminals, spring terminals, through terminals,  other types of connectors. The company covers an area of 10,000 square meters with more than 120 employees,  has set up a professional  team of 30 engineers, technicians  researchers. During the development of the company, a series of departments including research  development center,  quality control department, mold manufacturing department, hardware cutting department, injection molding  department,  finished product assembly department have been successively established.


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