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Common sense about plug-in terminal blocks

2019-11-16 16:55:29

Plug-in terminal blocks are an important accessory product used to maintain grounding.  systems, subsystems, cabinets, components, circuit boards to each replaceable individual module, they are responsible for controlling the system. Electromagnetic energy transmission  data signal manipulation  transmission. Therefore, this determines that terminal blocks are used everywhere,  there are terminal blocks wherever wiring is required.

National standards for plug-in terminal blocks:

Due to the need for customized plug-in terminal blocks, the terminal blocks must comply with safety  environmental standards when designed  used. Only by complying with the standards can you feel safe when buying  using them,  can you avoid potential safety hazards in production accidents. Generally, manufacturers of terminal blocks follow GB/T5095-1997 for electronic products when designing finalized products. Mechanical  electrical engineering components. Common sense about plug-in terminals

Innovation of plug-in terminal block products in its industry:

As customized plug-in terminal blocks products are increasingly used in the wiring industry. More  more users have put forward more requirements for it. Therefore, the structure  wiring method of terminal blocks have undergone great changes. The transformation  the initial single structure has expanded to a variety of wiring structures, classified  organized, suitable for various wiring environments, which greatly facilitates people's use. In addition, the structure of the terminal blocks is becoming more  more personalized,  the wiring speed has also been greatly improved, which improves the labor efficiency of employees. In addition, the reliability of terminal blocks is getting higher  higher. The delivery of new production processes  technical equipment, scientific production processes  quality management processes have greatly improved the quality  service life of terminal blocks. . With the increasing calls for environmental protection, environmental protection regulations for terminal blocks are very necessary. Halogen-free flame-retardant materials, detoxication of electrical conductors  insulators,  lead-free coatings are all measures taken in response to this requirement.


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