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What is a PCB terminal block?

2019-11-16 13:25:20

The terminal block servo is a component product used to maintain protective grounding.

The terminal block is used for better connection of power lines. It is actually a piece of copper sealed inside the insulating plastic. There are holes on both sides to insert the power lines,  there are screws for tightening  Loosening, for example, two power lines, sometimes need to be connected  sometimes need to be disconnected. In this matter, you can use terminal blocks to connect them to each other,  they can be disconnected at any time without welding  welding them. Coiled together, it saves time  effort.  it is suitable for interconnecting many transmission lines. In power companies, there will be professional terminal strips  terminal boxes, which are all parallel terminal strips, single-sided, two-layer, current, working voltage, general. These can be broken. The total area of a certain socket is alt="3878866_1521878462.png"/>In order to ensure reliable contact  ensure that sufficient current can be passed.

Terminal block - classification


Terminal block knowledge: [2] Terminal blocks can be divided into European-style terminal blocks, plug-in terminal blocks, fence-type terminal blocks, spring-type terminal blocks,  rail-type terminal blocks. series products, wall-type terminal block series products, optical coupling type terminal block series products. . These

The plug-in series terminal block is composed of two parts that are plugged in. One part holds the wire tightly,  then the other part is inserted. These are welded to the PCB board. This connection bottom mechanical design basis  this anti-vibration design ensure the long-term airtight connection of the product  the reliability of the finished product. Assembly lugs can be added on both sides of the socket. The assembly lugs can protect the rotor to a great extent  avoid poor alignment of the rotor. At the same time, this kind of socket design can ensure that the socket can be properly inserted into the mother body. The power socket can also have an assembly line buckle structure  a locking buckle structure. The assembly buckle structure can be more firmly fixed to the PCB board,  the locking buckle structure can lock the mother body  socket after installation. A variety of socket designs can be matched with different insertion methods of the mother body, such as horizontal, vertical  oblique printed circuit boards, etc. Different methods can be selected according to customer requirements. You can choose either metric  standard wire gauge.


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