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Overview of circuit board PCB terminal blocks

2019-11-16 09:30:26

PCB circuit board (called PCB  printed circuit board in the industry) plays an important role in mass production of fixed power circuits  improving the layout of high-power electrical appliances. Its processing process is complex  involves a wide range of production processes. It is favored  widely used in the manufacturing industry. PCB circuit board terminal block selection is the key to maintaining data signal transmission  correct current guidance in industrial production automation machineryOverview of circuit board PCB terminalsThere are currently four common types of spare parts products on the market: plug-in type, direct welding type, spring type  fence type. As a professional manufacturer of PCB terminal blocks, with more than 15 years of manufacturing experience, it has gradually developed into an indispensable backbone in the development of China's terminal block standard PCB circuit board terminal block manufacturing industry. strength. The following socket terminal block electrical equipment will explain the sub-products in detail:

1: PCB circuit board terminal block plug-in terminal block

LC series products can be divided into lc1-lc20 according to different models, with a total of 20 product series. Here we mainly introduce a few common products. The LC1 product series has a few with needle pitches of 3.5, 3.81, 5.0, 5.08, 7.5,  7.62. 2-24 wires, can be paired with a socket with screw fixation, earthquake-resistant grade connection. The power plug uses side connection technology, that is, the screw position is perpendicular to the three-phase  five-wire position of the power line. The LC2 product series is inserted into a vertically bisecting power line. When the power plug is installed, it can be close to each other, saving space; because the direction of the connected power line is perpendicular to the plug-in direction, the power line will  be easily damaged when the plug is plugged in. Extrusion molding; the 2.5mm pitch product in the LC6 series is very suitable for small  medium-sized modules with high wiring density; the spring interface mode only needs to be inserted into the wiring position on the wire.

The characteristics of the LC12 product series are that the movable power plug is fixed on the PCB board; the input  output terminals of the PCB can be clearly distinguished; the needle pitch can be selected  3.5, 3.81, 5.08, 7.5, 7.62;  side screws are provided The cap is fixed  matched with LZ series products for earthquake-resistant level connection.


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